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Steve McHugh SEO  - SEO services to promote business websites     727-432-3271

SEO for Local Businesses

Use Digital Marketing to grow you business.  Let people find you fast, on mobile or online.  Most people today use their phones for reference.  Once established you will have a steady presence in the search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is a process by which the search engines are provided what they recognize as popular and valuable content.  SEO works great for local businesses and practices such as Lawyers, Personal Injury, Dentists, Implants Chiropractors, Back Pain and trades like roofing, plumbing and contractors who want to be recognized online for services they provide in their local market area.

A great advantage of Search Engine Marketing is that businesses can target specialty areas.  For example a Law Firm can target Personal Injury Law or a Dentist can target Dental Implants and Contractors for additions, Kitchens and baths.

Most businesses or entrepreneurs have struggled with online advertising.  I will provide set-up and maintenance for your online presence.

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Some tips can be found below.


Mobile Advertising

1. Understand your audience

Choose keywords that refer to the service you offer.

2. Location is very important

Be sure to reference areas your business or professional practice serves.

3. Apply geo targeting

If you use geotargeting your mobile campaign will be much more effective. This is because it makes your campaign more relevant to your market area.

4. Use the best analytics

The website should be set up in the proper format.  This applies to on page and off page content and optimization.

5. Include Social Media

Networks like twitter and facebook were made so that they can be mobile. You can make your mobile campaign much more effective by adding social media.

6. Do not over think

As the old adage goes, “always keep it simple”. Just like most things in life this also applies to website and mobile campaigns. Ensure that the user feels that they are getting immediate value when visiting your website.

These tips will help you start a campaign.  Most business owners don’t have the time or inclination to create and maintain a web presence and keep it effective.

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